Badges can be earned by reaching certain markers through the course of the books. So far four categories of badges exist: Storyline Badges, Read About Badges, Collecting Badges, and Games Badges.

Badges are located in the user's profile page.

Category Badges Earned
Collecting Galleon Badges-galleon Collect 25 galleons
Lock-Picker 7332673 orig Use the Hairpin to unlock the cupboard in "The Magic Word" and collect the Chocolate Frog card
Read About Discoverer Badges-discoverer After discovering five pieces of new content.
Book of Spells Badges-bookOfSpells Collect Book of Spells from the Restricted Section.
Book of Potions Badges-bookOfPotions Borrow Book of Potions from the Restricted Section.
Storyline Scarlet Engine Badges-scarletEngine After completing The Journey from Platform Nine and Three-Quarters.
Explorer Badges-explorer After completing Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.
Games Practical Potion-Maker
Practical Potion-Making badge
Succesfully brew two different potions from Book of Potions in a row.
Potions Apprentice Badges-potionsapprentice Successfully brew three potions in a row.
Rematch Rematchbadge Lose a duel, have a rematch and win that duel.
Charming Dueller
Charming dueller
Win a duel using each of these charms: Levitation Charm, Tickling Charm, Disarming Charm, and Freezing Charm.

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