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  • Gladssinay123

    Zoom Layers

    July 29, 2012 by Gladssinay123

    Hey guys, i'm new to the wiki, but there is something bothering me here.

    Why, in every moment page, there's only one screenshot for all the zooms ? Sometimes it's very hard to identify an item when it's not shown in it's zoom layer, and some details are lost. Couldn't we replace some layers that contain the "wrong" screenshot by the right screenshot of the zoom?

    I could take the screenshots with no problem. But i don't know how to mark the items in the pictures very well, but i could try my best :}

    Thank you for the attention.

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  • Mc1010

    Did you know that some of my friends got access and I can't? Do you know why?

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  • Dusthazel

    Hi guys!

    This is updated, not fully but the corrected or linked articles are now removed.

    These pages have legimate broken links, should or should we not create the suggested pages?

    • - Missing: Hogwarts Castle
    • - Missing: Peter Pettigrew
    • - Missing: Griffindor Quidditch Team (if we make one team, we should probably make a page for them all).
    • - Missing: Pottermore Shop
    • - Missing: Mentioned Items and Quidditch Equipment
    • - Missing: J. K. Rowling
    • http://pottermore.wikia.c…

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  • RhynnPFF

    As you can see if you check the recent changes right now, I've added pages for ALL the upcoming chapters. Whew. That added about 150 pages to the wiki... and it took me all day. Had to be done though. And I discovered a type on Pottermore... instead of The Lightning-Struck Tower, they put The Lightning-Struck Tour. Sent them a message about it, so they may change it soon xD

    • Add images wherever needed
    • Clean up the images list
    • Add see also section wherever it's missing
    • Add links to pottermore wherever possible (in the see also section)
    • Add images for the locations of items etc.
    • Add the Full Guide to Pottermore
    • Complete the Username table
    • Check all articles for missing information
      • Potions
      • Chocolate Frog Cards
      • Ingredients
      • Books
    • Make articles for red links …

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  • RhynnPFF

    Hey y'all, I'm back!

    What, was I gone? Yep, sure was. I'm in Curacao for six months and I didn't have internet for a while, (there goes my Devoted badge...) so I couldn't do anything. Thankfully I'm back right in time for CoS, even got to profit off the Slytherin early access. The next installment of my Full Guide to Pottermore was up on PFF the day CoS was out for us snakes and I used it today to make the moments already. I hoep the rest of CoS is out soon!

    I'm thinking of posting the Guide to Pottermore on here as well... thoughts?

    I've really done quite a lot already since the release of CoS's first four chapters. The moments of course, but I've also added loads of items and all the (new) info there is to find. Pretty much all that still h…

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  • PolkaBear

    Hi guys, although I've only like edited this wiki a couple of times, I'm gonna propose a couple of image merges. I've noticed that the house crest images have duplicates of each other. Which ever file has more use, is the one that the other file merges with (make the pages that use the lesser-used one use the more-used one). If you guys don't mind, I can get started with it, but the admins will have to rename/delete the orphan images.

    Actually, I just noticed quite a couple of images have duplicates. I think someone should clean it up a bit...... Just by searching for "gryffindor" in the photo inserter, you can see that the crests, common room and godric gryffndor's card repeats.

    Rawrz, just looking out for the wiki :)

    This list isn't compreh…

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  • Viridis Aureus

    Hello again anyone who happens to still be here XD. I said this was going to be a weekly thing, but I felt the urge to post this blog today, and I cannot figure out where this urge is coming from. I really haven't gotten to do much the past few days because there really isn't much for me to do.

    Today I added a written tutorial for dueling, but I couldn't upload my pictures for some reason. I'll probably get to doing that later today when every site isn't being a turd to me.

    I made a completely new page for the list of places you can get ingredients in the moments, though I (obviously) only have those for the first book listed right now. This page will be for all of the spawn points though, so watch out for it to be edited as the new books co…

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  • Viridis Aureus

    Well, I finally decided to write myself another blog post XD. Well, I really haven't been finding much to do since I finally finished the moment pages not too long ago. I really want work to do, though, so anything that someone can suggest to me would be great while I'm waiting for the next book XD.

    From what I can recall off the top of my head, this is what I've done the past couple of days:

    1. Edited a typo on one of the pages because it annoyed me every time I saw it.
    2. Added all of the spells used for duels to the "Dueling" category.
    3. Edited the times on the page for each of the potions. It took me a moment to figure out how exactly to code it on the template it was on, but I did it!

    I might as well do an update on my badges too, since there has b…

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  • Swimmerdudewizard
    • I just joined the Pottermore Wiki!!! This is gonna be great!!!
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  • Jcrct


    June 27, 2012 by Jcrct

    After a very crowded day today, I sat down to the Pottermore Wiki at 10 pm -- my twelfth consecutive day of contributions -- only to find that my "Two Weeks on the Wiki" counter had been reset to zero!! I guess I forgot that the whole world isn't on Eastern Daylight Time! Viridis Aureus, I share your pain of a few weeks ago!

    Ah well, it's all in good fun. I admire the dedication of all you daily contributors out there. You're creating quite a wiki.

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  • RhynnPFF

    Slow day

    June 16, 2012 by RhynnPFF

    Didn't do much the past days, except keep an eye on how things have been going here. No issues, only improvements, so keep up the great work everyone :D

    Today I've fixed some minor things on the moments pages. Mainly the categories - I got rid of the 'Book 1 moments' category, as it was a duplicate of 'Philosopher's Stone moments'.

    Still planning to make more navboxes and a few pages with lists - because lists are cool, yo ;)

    • Check the Special Pages
    • The moments
    • Add images wherever they might be missing or needed or where they need to be updated to better versions
    • Add (stub) pages for all upcoming books and chapters
    • Add 'See also' section wherever possible
    • Templates, templates, templates!
    • Lists

    • Wiki Expert (3): 1158/1500 edits
    • Curator: 361/500 images …

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  • Viridis Aureus

    Apparently, I must have forgotten to edit something yesterday due to computer issues, so now I'm back on day one of my week achievement! I wish it didn't have to be in a row XD.

    Other than that, everything else wiki wise is going well. I'm just a bit upset over that.

    Badge Progress (T_T)

    • Wiki Planner

    add 250 articles to categories (114/250)
    • Wiki Leader

    make 250 edits on articles (163/250)
    • Art Lover

    add 50 pictures to articles (44/50)
    • Two Weeks on the Wiki

    contribute to the wiki every day for 14 days (1/14)
    • And One More Thing

    write a comment on 10 different blog posts (9/10) Read more >
  • RhynnPFF

    A Day of Templates

    June 12, 2012 by RhynnPFF

    Yay, I'm officially an Admin here now :) Which means I can really do some good cleanups - which I've already been working on. During the houskeeping I came across the templates and I couldn't help but check what we already had and what might be useful to add...

    Result: a template for Shop inventories, and one for Quidditch teams. And I promise that's only the tip of the iceberg, haha! I'll probably do some normal editing again though - after I get back from the supermarket. It seems I've ran out of food. Which makes preparing dinner... challenging.

    By the way, does anyone have an idea for new badges to add? I've found out how to customise them and add new ones, so if there's anything you'd like to get an achievement for... let me know and I'…

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  • RhynnPFF

    Please excuse the lame title, I couldn't come up with anything better xD Horrible, I know. Sorry.

    I really enjoyed making the article for the Sorting quiz yesterday. It was like a puzzle, figuring out which set of cards went with which question :D And I took the quiz about 20 times with a temporary account I created especially for this (it will be deleted once all the moments are done, of course!).

    So, what's on the schedule for today? Of course there's the moments... let's see how far I can get. The Chocolate Frog cards also need some reviewing, they don't really have links to their chapter/moment location which is bad. Simple job, but it needs to be done nonetheless.

    • Check the Special Pages (like always) - done
    • The moments - in progress
    • Add i…

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  • Viridis Aureus

    As always, I'm trying to find stuff to work on for this wiki XD. I don't think I've done everything I can do yet, but I just can't seem to find much for myself to do right now. I can't wait for the new book to come out, then I'll definitely have some stuff to add!

    I obviously don't have anything planned to do today, but I'll eventually find something, I assure you. I'd help Rhynn with the moments if I had the pictures and such to put in them XD.

    I might as well give an update on my badges too:

    • Wiki Planner
      add 250 articles to categories (108/250)
    • Wiki Leader
      make 250 edits on articles (153/250)
    • Art Lover
      add 50 pictures to articles (39/50)
    • Two Weeks on the Wiki
      contribute to the wiki every day for 14 days (7/14)
    • And One More Thing
      write a comment on 1…

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  • RhynnPFF

    You got a moment?

    June 10, 2012 by RhynnPFF

    Uuuuhg, time to start doing those moments, huh? Really can't get around them anymore, now xD

    Ah well. I'll just listen to Ministry of Magic while I'm working on them, that ought to make it more fun :P

    • Check the Special Pages (like always) - done
    • The moments - in progress
    • Add images wherever they might be missing or needed or where they need to be updated to better versions - always in progress
    • Add (stub) pages for all upcoming books and chapters
    • Add 'See also' section wherever possible

    • Wiki Expert (2): 931/1000 edits
    • Curator: 349/500 images added
    • Two Weeks on the Wiki: day 10/14
    • Wiki Planner (2): 400/500 pages added to categories
    • And One More Thing: 8/10 blog posts commented on

    Whooooah that was a lot of thinking. You know that handy dandy navigation …

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  • RhynnPFF

    Getting there...

    June 9, 2012 by RhynnPFF

    Let's get day number 9 started! Later than the other days, but I had a lot of stuff to do today... like eat pizza and watch Mythbusters which the rest of my coutry watches football. Very important stuff, of course.

    So... what's on the schedule for today? For starters, the House pages. None of them are done, and they're pretty darn important so I want to get those done. Then the moments, of course.

    Viri did the wand woods (great job :D) so those are off the to-do list ^_^

    • Check the Special Pages (like always)
    • Fix the House pages
    • Do a little work on the moments pages
    • Add images wherever they might be missing or needed or where they need to be updated to better versions

    • Wiki Expert (2): 765/1000 edits
    • Designer: 154/150 images added
    • Two Weeks on the Wi…

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  • Viridis Aureus

    This is my first blog post, even though I've been here since the first. My normal computer doesn't like me posting on the blog and will not allow it, apparently.

    I came here with RhynnPFF, but I just didn't think about putting the PFF in my name. Mostly I just run around trying to find something to work on.

    Well, I was just dropping in to say that I finished adding all of the woods! I'm going to have to go back and edit a few, most likely, but I think I got everything right. That's a lot less work for someone else to finish, believe me. I didn't think there were going to be so many XD.

    As for badge progress, here's where I'm at:

    Wiki Leader make 250 edits on articles (106/250)

    Art Lover add 50 pictures to articles (34/50)

    Bridge Builder add 100 …

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  • RhynnPFF

    ...Rhynn will most likely finish added the info from the moments. I'm on chapter 6 now (Chapter 7 had a LOT of students with only one line of pretty much useless info >_

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  • RhynnPFF

    Day Seven

    June 7, 2012 by RhynnPFF

    Day seven of my Wiki Marathon!

    So far I've done quite a bit already. Added pages, added images, fixed a few things, linked some things...

    By now I'm on Chapter 10 oh Philosopher's Stone, and it's almost done. So only nine chapters left, whoo! I'm hoping I can get it finished today, but I'm not counting on it...

    • Check the Special Pages (like always) - Done
    • Continue adding pages and information from the moments - In progress
    • Continue working on the wand woods
    • Do a little work on the moments pages
    • Add images wherever they might be missing or needed or where they need to be updated to better versions - always in progress

    • Wiki Expert (2): 586/1000 edits (will probably get it before the end of the marathon)
    • Designer: 122/150 images added (will probably g…

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  • RhynnPFF

    A wiki-editing marathon! That's what it's starting to seem like... I've been here the past 6 days, according to my badge progress for the "Two Weeks on the Wiki" badge.

    ...yes, I might enjoy getting badges too much >_> But hey, if it helps improving this wiki, can we really complain?

    8 days to go until I get that badge. I wonder if I'll make it... I'm definitely going to try :D

    Looks like I'll get the Decorator badge (add 100 images to articles) today as well, only 5 images left to add. And with a bit of luck, the Wiki Expert (500 edits) as well.

    I hope I can get the Lucky Edit at some point, too, but I'll need a lot of luck for that :O

    • Check the Special Pages (like always)
    • Continue adding pages and information from the moments
    • Continue working o…

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  • Plz help me i don't read harry potter

    We have thi silly project in english, how we have to come up with a new advertising for a healthy beverage? but i have one clue where to start, well my group have ideas, of different sorts of flavours and taste, like green tea or a color full vitamin drink that says there healthy does anyone have ideas? to help me?

    I would Truly be grateful of people's help

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  • RhynnPFF

    Rise and Shine!

    June 5, 2012 by RhynnPFF

    What- up already?! Why yes, I did only sleep for 6 hours. I blame my boyfriend for having to get up so early to go to work. And while waving him goodbye, I thought - well, I'm awake now anyway, why don't I get to work as well?

    I can always take a little nap later! Or not-so-little, depending on how tired I am, haha.

    So what's on my schedule today? Let's see...

    • Check the Special Pages (like always)
    • Continue adding pages and information from the moments
    • Continue working on the wand woods
    • And when that's all done (or I just feel like it), do a little work on the moments pages
    • Oh and add images wherever they might be missing or needed or where they need to be updated to better versions.

    Looks like a short list, but if I think about how much work that …

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  • RhynnPFF

    Expanding! Whoo! xD

    June 4, 2012 by RhynnPFF

    Once again a productive day on the Pottermore Wiki! Actually still doing stuff, but I just finished adding all the info I could find to the Spells pages (including images, of course, earning me the Art Lover badge, haha). So I thought it would be good to write a little blog post.

    Not that I actually have much to say, though! I didn't get to the moments, those really are a lot of work so I'm sort of saving them. I'll get to them... eventually.

    Now, on to adding even more... plenty of things left to do!

    2 am... time to sign off. I ended up making a start on making pages for each wand wood (finished the A's) and starting on making sure there's a page for every little thing mentioned on the hanging signs in the Moments. Didn't get very far with t…

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  • RhynnPFF

    Time for my second day here on the Pottermore Wiki!

    I already checked the Special pages and did what needed to be done. Every page on this wiki now links to at least one other page - although a LOT of the pages I came across can still use some heavy revision. Most of them are stubs.

    Also added some uncategorized pages to cateories - remember to always add a category to your page! If you don't know which categories there are, check the Special:Categories page - it lists all of them. Make sure to read the descriptions of the categories though, otherwise you might accidentally be creating more work for others ;)

    Today I'm going to continue revising the Chapter pages and work a bit more on the Moments. When all of that is done... well, I'll see w…

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  • RumbleroarPFF

    Hmmm, today is the end of my first hard day's work for PMW. I've done a lot of stub-writing and catagorising. Furthermore, I'm not entirely sure I've been doning everything right. If anything, seeing how much work people have put into the forum shows me how much there is to do. I hope that the rest of the PFF will join in and help to make this the most useful single Pottermore resource ever!

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  • Plz help me i don't read harry potter

    Well there are many things that i like espically japanese anime and reading, but all is cool when you know what is how i met your mother, i read books but i am one that has not got a chance to read the harry potter books, even though i have them all

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  • Xensyria


    May 26, 2012 by Xensyria

    This is already the best Pottermore resource out there, but here are few ideas that could improve it still:

    • An article for each Moment, with a picture of each zoom level highlighting all collectable items and interactive features.
    • Spells with a running (confirmed) high-score for maximum duelling scores, and an animated gif for each casting pattern.
    • Guides which could be a prominent part of the main page, examples I can think of are:
      • An introductory guide
      • A more comprehensive general guide
      • A House Points guide (and four specific House guides)
      • A duelling guide
      • A potion brewing guide
      • A money guide
      • A friending/trading guide
    • Something (maybe another animation) describing how the individual potion ingredients are used (poured, dropped etc.) without being w…
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