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The Chocolate Frog cards as they appear in the Trunk

Chocolate Frog Cards are collectable cards that are packaged along with Chocolate Frogs, a highly popular wizard sweet. There are currently 60 (as of September 1st 2015) Chocolate Frog cards hidden throughout Pottermore (Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, Book 4 and Book 5), with more to probably be added in the future. These cards are collectable and all but 2 (Alberta Toothhill and Cornelius Agrippa) can be sent from one player to another, as in the world of Harry Potter.


Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

The 12 cards available to collect are:

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

The 16 cards available to collect are:

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

The 15 cards currently available to collect are:

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

The 10 cards currently available to collect are:

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

The 1 card currently available to collect is:

New Cards

  • Balfour Blane
  • Donaghan Tremlett
  • Elladora Ketteridge
  • Flavius Belby
  • Mopsus
  • Mungo Bonham

Locations unknown, please add if you can.

Cards not yet available in Pottermore

All cards currently available on Pottermore also appear on a list that J.K. Rowling compiled for EA Games to use in the Harry Potter video games. The following cards are also collectable in the video games but not (yet) in Pottermore.

Famous Witches and Wizards

  • Adalbert Waffling
  • Almerick Sawbridge
  • Archibald Alderton
  • Burdock Muldoon
  • Carlotta Pinkstone
  • Celestina Warbeck
  • Crispin Cronk
  • Daisy Dodderidge
  • Derwent Shimpling
  • Devlin Whitehorn
  • Dorcas Wellbeloved
  • Dzou Yen
  • Elfrida Clagg
  • Ethelred the Ever-Ready
  • Falco Aesalon
  • Felix Summerbee
  • Fulbert the Fearful
  • Gaspard Shingleton
  • Gideon Crumb
  • Gifford Ollerton
  • Glenda Chittock
  • Gregory the Smarmy
  • Greta Catchlove
  • Grogan Stump
  • Gwenog Jones
  • Harry Potter
  • Havelock Sweeting
  • Heathcote Barbary
  • Herman Wintringham
  • Justus Pilliwickle
  • Kirley Duke
  • Laverne de Montmorency
  • Lord Stoddard Withers
  • Merton Graves
  • Musidora Barkwith
  • Orsino Thruston
  • Perpetua Fancourt
  • Professor Armando Dippet
  • Roderick Plumpton
  • Roland Kegg
  • Sacharissa Tugwood
  • Thaddeus Thurkell
  • Uric the Oddball
  • Wendelin the Weird
  • Yardley Platt

Famous Giants

  • Bran the Bloodthirsty
  • Cyclops
  • Goliath
  • Hengist of Upper Barnton
  • Morholt

Famous Goblins

  • Alguff the Awful
  • Eargit the Ugly
  • Gringott
  • Ug the Unreliable
  • Urg the Unclean

Famous Hags

  • Babayaga
  • Cordelia Misericordia
  • Leticia Somnolens
  • Malodora Grymm
  • Old Mother Hubbard

Famous Vampires

  • Amarillo Lestoat
  • Blodwyn Bludd
  • Count Vlad Drakul
  • Lady Carmilla Sanguina
  • Sir Herbert Varney


  • Billywig
  • Bowtruckle
  • Double-ended Newt
  • Doxy
  • Giant Purple Toad
  • Giant Squid
  • Gnome
  • Gytrash
  • Imp
  • Kelpie
  • Manticore
  • Mountain Troll
  • Phoenix
  • Streeler
  • Unicorn


  • Common Welsh Green Dragon
  • Hebridean Black Dragon
  • Hungarian Horntail Dragon
  • Norwegian Ridgeback Dragon
  • Romanian Longhorn Dragon

Famous Quidditch Players

The Australian World Cup Quidditch team

  • Jonny Nuhaka
  • Kelly Whakkaarangapawarau
  • Kenneth Hastings
  • Kylie Meadows
  • Lucy 'Lucky' Karoonda
  • Maria Monteith
  • Matthew Echunga

The Bulgarian World Cup Quidditch team

  • Alexei Levski
  • Clara Ivanova
  • Ivan Volkov
  • Lev Zograf
  • Pyotr Vulchanov
  • Vasily Dimitrov
  • Viktor Krum

The English World Cup Quidditch team

  • Avery Hawksworth
  • Blythe Parkin
  • Dawn Withey
  • Denison Frisby
  • Edric Vosper
  • Indira Choudry
  • Keaton Flitney

The German World Cup Quidditch team

  • Elena Eldritch
  • Hermann Wiel
  • Igor Brand
  • Katrina von Glockenspieler
  • Konrad Weiss
  • Kursten Blijk
  • Kurt Todt

The Japanese World Cup Quidditch team

  • Keiko Takahashi
  • Minaka Hirakata
  • Noriyuki Sato
  • Ryotaro Tanaka
  • Shizuka Watanabe
  • Tamotsu Iwamoto
  • Yoshihiro Suzuki

The Nordic World Cup Quidditch team

  • Asgard Pettersson
  • Asgeir Knutsen
  • Lorre Gustafson
  • Martin 'Tiny' Helstrom
  • Olaf Andersen
  • Peter Hansen
  • Tina Lundstrom

The Spanish World Cup Quidditch team

  • Ana de Lebron
  • Carmen Garcia
  • Chavelle Arbelo Cartaya
  • Inigo Fuente Marrero
  • Sendelina de la Felino
  • Tiago Montoya
  • Vasco Santini

The USA World Cup Quidditch team

  • Ariel 'Speedy' Singleton
  • Debbie Muntz
  • Gianni Fedele
  • Greg 'Crash' Ruczinski
  • Ralph Heidelberger
  • Robert Green
  • Troy 'Tank' Duvall

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