The Common Toad is a purchasable pet at Eeylops Owl Emporium & Magical Menagerie. It can be bought for 5 Galleons. When bought the Common Toad becomes your icon.


Common toads have warty skin and range in colour from green to brown.


Common-toad 5


  • As of the 8th of May, the Common Toad is the least favourite pet on Pottermore, with less than 3000 users choosing it.

Pottermore Playstation Home

Common Toad

The Common Toad outside of the Menagerie

On Pottermore PlayStation Home, the Common Toad is one of the five toads available for purchase at the Magical Menagerie. It must be purchased with real money and costs £2.39.

When purchased, it will hop alongside the player's avatar in the game. 

A Common Toad is also sitting in a glass box outside of the Magical Menagerie.

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