Dragon Flight is the first moment in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Chapter 26, Gringotts.


Hardly aware of the pain from the burns covering his body, and still borne along on the swell of replicating treasure, Harry shoved the cup into his pocket and reached up to retrieve the sword, but Griphook was gone. Sliding from Harry’s shoulders the moment he could, he had sprinted for cover amongst the surrounding goblins, brandishing the sword and crying, ‘Thieves! Thieves! Help! Thieves!’ He vanished into the midst of the advancing crowd, all of whom were holding daggers and who accepted him without question.




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Zoom Levels

This moment has 2 zoom levels.

Zoom Level 1

Dragon Flight Zoom 1.png
  • Hover over the left group of goblins and they will yell and shake their knives.
  • Hover over the right group of goblins and they will yell, shake their knives, and wave a metal contraption that clanks.
  • Collect the Dragon Blood underneath the dragon's right wing.
  • Click on one of the pieces of treasure to read more on 'Alchemy'.
  • Collect the Dragon Scale towards the center of the dragon's chest.

Zoom Level 2

Dragon Flight Zoom 2.png
  • Collect the Dragon Liver on the tree stump.
  • Hover over the top of the pile of treasure and it multiplies.
  • Hover over the dragon's claws and they move.
  • Hover over the dragon's head and it moves.
  • Hover over the end of the dragon's tail an the tail moves.
  • Hover over the dragon's left wing and the wings move.

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