Errol with hedwig

Errol and Hedwig

is the Weasleys' owl. He is a very old owl and is often described as not quite fit to deliver letters anymore.

From the Story

Discovered in Book 2, Chapter 4, At Flourish and Blotts

"Errol is the Weasley family’s elderly and unreliable owl. He has a tendency to collapse during deliveries."

Discovered in Book 3, Chapter 1, Owl Post

"Errol keels over and lies motionless when he arrives with the other owls carrying Harry's gift from Ron. Harry carries him over to Hedwig's cage whereupon the owl gives a feeble hoot of thanks and begins to gulp some water."

Discovered in Book 4, Chapter 3, The Invitation

"Errol delivers a huge fruitcake and several pasties to Harry from Mrs Weasley. He is so exhausted by the journey that he needs a full five days to recover before he can fly back to The Burrow."

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