Fluxweed is an ingredient used in potion making.


Fluxweed is used to brew the following potion:


  • Behind the willow root in Book 2, Chapter 5, Moment 2 .
    • It is collectible after the car has backed up from the willow. Some people appear to have trouble collecting it; this is most likely due to the size of their browser/screen. Making the browser full-screen and/or changing the screen resolution should solve this problem. Size 1280x800 works. Double click until the car backs up and you can collect the fluxweed.
    • Also, you can't pick up the fluxweed untill the Whomping Willow is done beating up your car. After the rear-view mirror falls off and after the screen zooms out, you should be able to pick it up.
    • If you cannot move the car, look at the far end of the screen, on the right of the steering. You should see a faint outline of a weed which you can click on to collect it.
      Potternore - Fluxaweed Location

      Fluxweed location in book 2, chapter 5, moment 2.

  • In front of a wooden crate in the third layer in Book 3, Chapter 16, Moment 1.
  • On the left side of the Whomping Willow in Book 3, Chapter 17, Moment 1. (You have to zoom in first)
  • Book 7, Chapter 4, Moment 1: "The Decoy Harrys". Once you zoom in, it is near the back building.

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