Full Moon is the first moment in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Chapter 20, The Dementors' Kiss.


As the werewolf reared, snapping its long jaws, Sirius disappeared from Harry's side. He had transformed. The enormous, bear-like dog bounded forwards.


J.K. Rowling's new content

Zoom levels

This chapter has 2 zoom levels, which superficially look identical.

Zoom 1

Screenshot - 9 29 2013 , 8 45 16 PM.png
  • The dittany can be found on the ground between the two battling canines.
  • Click on Moony to unlock new content about Werewolves.
  • The chains on the ground behind Moony will rattle and occasionally leap in the air when you mouse over them.

Zoom 2

Screenshot - 9 29 2013 , 8 45 16 PM.png
  • The monkshood can be found on the edge of the trees to the left behind Padfoot.
  • The wormwood can be found on the edge of the trees to the right behind Moony.
  • Both Padfoot and Moony will react if you mouse over them.


You can hear the Grim and the Werewolf growling and fighting.

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