Harry and Hagrid Visit Gringotts is the second moment of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Chapter 5, Diagon Alley.

In this moment, the vault has to be opened.


A pair of goblins bowed them through the silver doors and they were in a vast marble hall…



Zoom levels

There was originally only one zoom layer, but this moment has been extensively revamped.

Original zoom level

Click, drag and drop the Vault Key onto the lock to open the vault and receive 500 galleons.

After the Vault has been opened, the Vault key will be in the trunk and the Gringotts menu item will be unlocked.

Zoom 1

  • Both chandeliers sway when you mouse over them

Zoom 2

  • Mouse over scales on left, they will move
  • Mouse over second goblin down on left, looking at red jewels, he will move his arm
  • Move over the red jewels on the table near the second goblin, and they will glow
  • Mouse over fourth goblin down on left, he will start writing with quill
  • Closer Look at school supply list in Harry's back pocket
  • Collect Oswald Beamish Chocolate Frog Card from floor between Harry and counter
  • Collect mouldy dog-biscuit from Hagrid's pocket


You can hear foot steps and a quill scratching partchment. Occationally a door closes.

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