are magical creatures with the bodies, hind legs and tails of horses, but the front legs, wings, and heads of giant eagles. They have deadly-looking talons, steel-coloured beaks, and great orange eyes. Hippogriffs are proud creatures; they are easily offended, and can turn violent when insulted. Hippogriffs should always be allowed to make the first move: the person greeting it should bow, and then wait. If the Hippogriff bows back, it is safe to approach; if not, the person should move away fast, as it is likely to attack.


Buckbeak is a stormy grey Hippogriff, with piercing orange eyes. He is first introduced to Harry, who bows to him. After a pause, Buckbeak sinks into an unmistakeable bow. Harry is encouraged to approach Buckbeak, and the Hippogriff appears to enjoy Harry patting his beak. Hagrid suggests that Buckbeak might let Harry ride him; after Harry climbs onto his back, Buckbeak flies him once around the paddock before heading back to the ground. Buckbeak is later introduced to Draco Malfoy . Although he initially returns Draco's bow, Buckbeak attacks Draco when he insults him, slashing his talons at his arm. Buckbeak is wrestled back into his collar by Hagrid.

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