The Jelly-Legs Curse or Jelly-Legs Jinx (Locomotor Wibbly) is one of the spells found in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.


The Jelly-Leg Jinx causes the victim's legs to wobble, making it difficult for them to walk around. The effects of the jinx last until the counter-jinx is performed.


The Jelly-Legs Curse is one of the spells found in the book Curses and Counter-Curses by Vindictus Viridian in the second moment of Chapter 12 of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.



Effects: Legs collapse

When hit with this spell, the victim's legs start feeling like jelly, making them unable to stand.


This spell can be used in Wizard's Dueling.


Its full incantation is "Locomotor Wibbly."



The maximum potency of the Jelly-Legs Curse is 160 or so.


  • Before the Halloween 2014 update of Pottermore, the maximum potency of this spell was approx 150.
  • When dueling, the letters will change, but in practice it is always the same.
  • This is one of the hardest spells to perform, but at the same time, it is also one of the best spells available which gives a maximum potency of 160 or so.

From the Story

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

The Jelly-Legs Jinx is mentioned in Chapter 31, "The Maze" and Chapter 37, "King's Cross".

Discovered in chapter 37, The Beginning

When the Jelly-Legs Jinx is used at the same time as the Furnunculus Curse, the combination of the two spells causes the victim to sprout little tentacles over their face.

Pottermore at Playstation Home

On Pottermore at Playstation Home, the Jelly-Legs Curse is the 5th Pottermore Card in the Spells category. 

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