Mrs Cole is the matron of the orphanage in London where Tom Riddle lived as a young boy. She is a skinny, sharp-featured woman.

From the Story

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Discovered in chapter 13, The Secret Riddle

In Professor Dumbledore's memory, Mrs Cole greets him in the orphanage front hall. She appears anxious as she hurries into the hallway, worrying about several of the children in the orphanage, but stops dead when she sees Dumbledore, looking astonished. She gapes as he introduces himself, and leads him towards her office.

Mrs Cole appears to be a sharp woman, questioning Dumbledore about his interest in Tom Riddle, and asking about Hogwarts. Her constant questioning causes Dumbledore to cast a spell on her, to make her more amenable to his visit. She offers Dumbledore a glass of gin, draining her own glass, and tells him of Tom Riddle's history at the orphanage, and how he came to be there. After confirming that Tom has a definite place at Hogwarts, she tells Dumbledore that Tom scares the other children, and talks about the nasty incidents associated with him. She tells Dumbledore that many will be glad to see Tom leave the orphanage, but she is informed by Dumbledore that Tom will need to return every summer at the very least.

Mrs Cole leads Dumbledore up the stairs to the second floor landing, and knocks twice on the first door in the corridor. She enters the room to reveal Tom Riddle sitting on the bed. Mrs Cole leaves the room to allow the pair to talk.

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