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A list of usernames of Pottermore users on this wiki who wish to find each other.

This is a place to add your Pottermore username, your wiki username (to let your friends on wikia know who you are) and your house.

If you do not have a wikia account, please add "none" to the "Wikia username" column. If you see your Pottermore username that you added, but not your wikia username, please add it.

Adding Your Row

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Your House

Copy and paste your House from here so that the color coded format can be maintained:

Gryffindor Ravenclaw Hufflepuff Slytherin

List of Pottermore Usernames

The usernames are not currently in alphabetical order, but rather in the order that they were added.


Wikia Username

Old Pottermore Username

(before redesign)

Current Pottermore Username House
Pranavuk FeatherAuror8016 Slytherin
Malfay DraconisNoisetier26342 Slytherin
PhoenixWing1021 Gryffindor
ShadowHeart1714 Ravenclaw
KeyDragon27921 Gryffindor
RiverSparks20813 Gryffindor
WolfsbaneThorn26955 Hufflepuff
BludgerWizard5023 Hufflepuff


AurorJinx16472 Slytherin
WolfSilver21558 Ravenclaw
QueenSun10115 Slytherin
Lara Daphne SwordWillow9508 Slytherin
FlameAsh11155 Slytherin
StormDawn24800 Slytherin
AshOak6781 Slytherin
Sabrina bergin NightHawthorn23518


SeerHallow6550  Gryffindor
DawnFeather3728 Gryffindor
PatronusGalleon23986 Ravenclaw
RosePixie15067 Gryffindor
HowlCloak29503 Gryffindor
SparksNight28 Ravenclaw
CastleNewt28714 Gryffindor
FeatherStone21298 Gryffindor
QuillEcho17976 Ravenclaw
SwordWormwood28902 Ravenclaw
StarWatch21399 Slytherin
DragonDawn6496 Gryffindor
ScaleMagic10405 Slytherin
ElmFeather21585 Slytherin
RuneSword2397 Hufflepuff
MagicNight28528 Ravenclaw
RuneAsh21755 Slytherin
LumosHowl3883 Slytherin
MoonRune28922 Ravenclaw
PyroGothNerd FangMidnight28798 PyroGothNerd Slytherin
Tesla Effect NimbusFirebolt10294 Hufflepuff
Alaric Saltzman Spellblood112 Ravenclaw
AB Ng PixieSeer5902 Ravenclaw
RuneCat30156 Ravenclaw
WildIce14435 Ravenclaw
DawnRune21481 DawnRune21481 Gryffindor
SilverHex29159 Hufflepuff
OakNimbus19239 Ravenclaw
Thiskid_righthere PixieThestral28897 Slytherin
TheTrueMe SkyPotion158




MisakiBraginski CastleBat5552 Slytherin
Nightengale27 CloakCat525 Ravenclaw
GraceLeStrange NightQueen18087 Slytherin
GryffindorRadium AshIce3115


Caliprincess01 NettleWolf5475 Slytherin
Candycoateddoom BladeStone73 Ravenclaw
Serendipitea SandOak5882 Ravenclaw
RCTY MirrorIce8616 Slytherin
Leslie Delphinidae GoldIce31210 Hufflepuff
Silveravis8531 SilverAvis21114 Slytherin
havarti2 MagicLight13411 Gryffindor
DawnLight36 DawnLight36 Gryffindor
YewSnitch29272 YewSnitch29272 Gryffindor
Mágicoauror8352 Hufflepuff
Stormclaw of RiverClan NoxSeeker23284 Ravenclaw
Brewwife MarauderSun28399 Hufflepuff
xXx_ZoeArnold_xXx SnitchBlood12068 Slytherin
FFfangirl PhoenixWave24722 Ravenclaw
Jessamoo SilverRune16315 Gryffindor
Nidamalfoy SeekerGalleon9926 Slytherin
Sandra Lestrange Cassandra.lestrange Slytherin
Shadow Riddle ShadowWillow31510 Slytherin