Professor Lupin's Office is the first moment in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Chapter 22, Owl Post Again.


“Well — goodbye, Harry,” he said, smiling. “It has been a real pleasure teaching you. I feel sure we'll meet again some time. Headmaster, there is no need to see me to the gates, I can manage…”




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The cupboard door will open and close when you mouse over it. In the cupboard you can find:

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This is not the correct picture for this zoom, but shows the location of the clickable items.
Pottermore-Book3-Chapter22-Owl Post Again -Moment 1-Professor Lupin's Office.png
  • Click on Professor Lupin to unlock "Remus Lupin".
  • You can find the roller on the floor to the left of the door, obviously left there by Professor Lockhart!
  • There is an Old Quill on the middle shelf of the cabinet to the left.
  • If you mouse over the door it will shake.
  • Mousing over the scrolls of parchment will cause one to unravel and then roll up again.
  • Mousing over the candles by the door will cause one to fall off.

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