Rita Skeeter is a journalist for the Daily Prophet.

From the Story

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Discovered in chapter 10, Mayhem at the Ministry

Rita Skeeter writes an article for the Daily Prophet after the events at the Quiditch World Cup, which makes the front page. The article blames the Ministry of Magic for security blunders and calls the events a 'national disgrace'. Bill says that Rita Skeeter never makes anyone look good. She once interviewed all the Gringotts curse breakers, and called Bill "a long-haired pillock". Mr Weasley later says that Rita has been ferreting around all week, looking for more Ministry mess-ups, and that she has found out about the disappearance of Bertha Jorkins; Mr Weasley fully expects Rita to make it the next day's headline.

Discovered in chapter 18, The Weighing of the Wands

Rita Skeeter is talking to Ludo Bagman when Harry enters the classroom where the Wand Weighing ceremony is to take place. Her hair is set in elaborate and curiously rigid curls, and she wears jewelled spectacles. She clutches at her crocodile-skin handbag as she is introduced to Harry by Bagman. She asks Bagman permission to have a little word with Harry before the ceremony begins, and steers him out of the room before Harry can object.

Rita leads Harry into broom cupboard, settling herself precariously on an upturned bucket and pushing Harry onto a cardboard box. She closes the door, throwing them into darkness before pulling out a handful of candles; she lights the candles and magicks them to float in mid-air. Rita uses a Quick-Quotes Quill during the interview, which allows her to talk to Harry normally without pausing to write. Rita questions Harry about his feelings about the Triwizard Tournament - whether he feels pressure to live up to his name, how his parents would feel about his entering the competition, whether he remembers his parents. Before she can ask anything more, Rita is interrupted by Professor Dumbledore opening the cupboard door. She gives every appearance of delight at his arrival, but Harry notices that the Quill and parchment vanish very speedily from sight, and Rita is hastily snapping her handbag shut. Rita follows Harry back to the classroom for the Weighing of the Wands, settling herself in a corner of the room. She slips the parchment back out of her bag, and places the Quick-Quotes Quill on it once again. After the ceremony, Rita is keen to have photographs taken of the judges and the champions. She constantly pulls Harry into greater prominence in the group photographs, and insists on having separate shots of all the champions before they are allowed to leave.

Discovered in chapter 19, The Hungarian Horntail

Rita Skeeter's article about the Triwizard champions is primarily focussed around Harry Potter; she doesn't mention Cedric Diggory at all, and the names of the Beauxbatons and Durmstrang champions are misspelled and squashed into the last line of the article. Rita reports Harry saying a lot more than was actually said in the interview, and has managed to transform his many 'er's into long, sickly sentences. She also included interviews from other students in the article, and reports that Harry and Hermione are dating.

Rita remains in Hogsmeade in the weeks following her interview with Harry. Harry assumes she is waiting to attend the first task of the Triwizard Tournament.

Discovered in chapter 20, The First Task

Rita Skeeter leaps out from behind a clump of trees as Harry and Ron walk back to the castle. She attempts to interview Harry about the first task, but is told to leave by Harry.

Discovered in chapter 21, The House-Elf Liberation Front

Rita Skeeter arrives at the pumpkin patch as Hagrid and some of the students work to restrain the Blast-Ended Skrewts. She introduces herself to Hagrid, ignoring him when he asks what she is doing on school grounds. She appears full of interest as she asks Hagrid about the Blast-Ended Skrewts, and beams as she realises Harry is there as well. She asks to have an interview with Hagrid later in the week, and tells him that she wants to hear about his experiences of magical creatures. She arranges to meet Hagrid at the Three Broomsticks later that week.

Discovered in chapter 24, Rita Skeeter's Scoop

Rita Skeeter writes an article slating Professor Dumbledore for hiring Hagrid as the Hogwarts Care of Magical Creatures teacher.

Rita Skeeter arrives in the Three Broomsticks with the Daily Prophet photographer, Bozo. She is curious about Ludo Bagman's departure from the pub, and wonders why he didn't want to talk to them. She is certain there is a story there, and doesn't believe Bagman's claim that he was showing the group of goblins following him the sights. She is pleased when she spots Harry in the pub and starts to ask him to join them. Skeeter is surprised when Harry starts to shout at her about the article in the Daily Prophet, her smile flickering slightly as he defends Hagrid. She attempts to get Harry to talk about his relationship with Hagrid but is interrupted by Hermione who gets to her feet and accuses Skeeter of doing anything for a story, even digging up stories on Bagman. Rita tells Hermione to sit down and tells her she knows things about Bagman that would make her hair curl.

Discovered in chapter 27, Padfoot Returns

Rita Skeeter writes an article for Witch Weekly headed 'Harry Potter's Secret Heartache'. In it, she suggests that Hermione and Harry are romantically involved.

Discovered in chapter 30, The Pensieve

A young Rita Skeeter was present at the trial of Ludo Bagman, during the First Wizarding War.

Discovered in chapter 31, The Third Task

Rita writes an article in the Daily Prophet describing Harry as 'disturbed and dangerous'. She has discovered the pain Harry feels in the scar on his forehead, and describes the incident that occured in Divination class. Rita secretly obtained an interview with Draco Malfoy for the article, and publicly reveals that Harry is a Parselmouth. She suggests that Harry is unfit to compete in the Triwizard Tournament.

Discovered in chapter 37, The Beginning

Hermione reveals on the Hogwarts Express that Rita Skeeter is an unregistered Animagus, who can transform into a water-beetle. The markings around her antennae are exactly like the glasses she wears. Hermione explains that this is how Rita was able to listen in on private conversations without being discovered in the Hogwarts grounds. She was hiding on the statue the night Hagrid revealed to Madame Maxime that his mother was a giantess, and was in Hermione's hair during her conversation with Viktor Krum after the second task of the Triwizard Tournament. Rita is eventually caught by Hermione on the window-sill in the hospital wing. Rita has been unable to write any articles since the third task as she is trapped in her Animagus form in a glass jar, protected by Hermione with an Unbreakable Charm. She is to be let free once they arrive in London, but has been persuaded to keep her quill to herself for a year by Hermione.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Discovered in chapter 30, The White Tomb

Rita Skeeter attends the funeral of Albus Dumbledore at Hogwarts, a notebook clutched in her hands.

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