Row Ninety-Seven is the second Moment in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, chapter 34, The Department of Mysteries.


‘This is it,’ Harry said again, and his heart was now pumping so hard and fast he felt it must interfere with his speech, ‘it’s throughhere [sic] –’

He glanced around at them all; they had their wands out and looked suddenly serious and anxious. He looked back at the door and pushed. It swung open.



Chocolate Frog Cards

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Zoom Levels

Zoom 1

B5C34M1 1.png

In the Department of Mysteries

  • If you hover over the group they will shift on their feet.
  • On the right side behind Ginny's head, third shelf up, you will find Naming Sneers on one of the crystal balls.

Zoom 2

B5C34M1 2.png

This zoom moves your perspective back, revealing two Death Eaters.

  • On the right side in front of the Death Eater, second shelf up, you will find the Mopsus Chocolate Frog Card.
  • Mouse over each Death Eater and they will raise their wands.

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