In 1994 Hermoine granger founded S.P.E.W (The society for the promotion of elfish welfare and made these badges for members to wear.

{An extract from the book goblet of fire page 188} 'What's in the box?'he asked pointing at it. 'Funny you should ask'said Hermoine with a nasty look at Ron. She took off the lid,and showed them the contents. Inside were about fifty badges,all of different colours,but all bearing the same letters S.P.E.W


Show your support for elfish welfare.
'Its not spew it's S-P-E-W.Stands for the society for the promotion of elfish welfare.

{{Quote|Stop the Outrages Abuse of Our Fellow Magical Creatures and Campaign for a Change in Their Legal Status.


This item is located on the table beside of the books.

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