HI! I'm on pottermore. I'm a Ravenclaw. My User Name is SwordRose21470. :) Fell free to request me as a friend.  My wand description: Length- 13" Wood- Alder Core- Dragon Flexibility- Slightly springy Here's an adorable pic:

Lavender and ron vs hermione and ron
I just <3 it! 

Classes in Hogwarts

My favorite class in Hogwarts is Potions. I just love to see the effects after somone's drunken it. My least favorite is Magic History. I mean, when in life are we gonna need Magic History?


I would love to play Qudditch. But, I'd have to be a second-year. My favorite teams (international) are the Chudley Cannons and the Holly-Head Harpies. My dream Qudditch part would be a beater. Those bludgers need a good beating! >:)

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