This article is about the moment. For the location, see The Atrium (location).

The Atrium is the first Moment of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Chapter 7, The Ministry of Magic.


'Sorry,' he said, 'but I never come by train and it all looks rather different from a Muggle perspective. As a matter of fact, I've never even used the visitors' entrance before.'

The further they walked, the smaller and less imposing the buildings became, until finally they reached a street that contained several rather shabby-looking offices, a pub and an overflowing skip. Harry had expected a rather more impressive location for the Ministry of Magic.

'Here we are,' said Mr Weasley brightly, pointing at an old red telephone box, which was missing several panes of glass and stood before a heavily graffitied wall. 'After you, Harry.'



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Zoom levels

This moment has 3 zoom levels. You can zoom once from level 1 to level 2, but then you can only zoom between levels 2 and 3 unless you refresh the page.

Zoom 1

B5C7M1 z1.png
  • In the alley where the phone both is located, zooming from it will cause the phone both to sink in the ground. There are no movements and nothing to collect.

Zoom 2

  • The Inter-departmental Memo is on the floor just to the left of the witch wearing red robes.
  • The Floo Powder (object) is on top of the second fireplace from the left.
  • If you mouse over the second fireplace from the left, it will glow green.

Zoom 3

  • Five Galleons are located just in front of the fountain.
  • Click on the sign just to the left of the fountain to unlock new content, 'Ministers for Magic'.
  • The Artemisia Lufkin Chocolate Frog Card is on the floor just to the right of the wizard in blue robes standing in front of the fountain.
  • Mouse over the wizard in front of Harry & Mr Weasley to make him disappear.
  • Mouse over the wizard in front of the sign next to the fountain to make him disappear.
  • Mousing over the fourth and sixth fireplaces from the left will make them glow green.
  • Mousing over the third fireplace from the right will make it glow green.

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