The Mountain Troll is the third moment in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Chapter 10, Hallowe'en.


…at the end of a passage to the left, something was moving towards them…


Chocolate Frog Cards

Zoom levels

This moment has 3 zoom levels.

Zoom 1

  • On the floor, about at the center, you will see the jar of Bat Spleens

Zoom 2

  • On the sink to the right, the last one in the row, you have to move your pointer over the edge of the sink. A slug will come out and crawl up the wall a short distance. You can then collect the slug.
  • Placing your pointer on the second faucet from the left will turn it on or off.

Zoom 3

  • The card is next to the jack-o-lantern on the window pane.


You can hear mostly water running, with the occasional growl from the troll.

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