The Trivia Game is one of the games available on Pottermore PlayStation Home. It is a game for 2 to 6 people. It can be started in the Hogwarts Express, in the compartments at either end of the first two carriages. This means four games can be played simultaneously at any time, with a total of 24 players playing at a time.

Starting a game

Trivia Quiz location

A rolled-up scroll where a game can be started

To start a game, players must find a compartment with a rolled-up scroll on the table. A game cannot be started at a table which already has a game in progress (open scroll). 

After starting the game (sitting down at the table), the player has to wait for other people to join. A timer of 30 seconds starts as soon as a second player has sat down. During these 30 seconds, up to four more people can join (for a total of six players). How many players have joined the game can be seen by the amount of lit candles: one candle per player.



The selection of the first question in a game with 6 players.

When the timer reaches 0, the game starts. The computer selects one of the five categories (General Knowledge, People & Places, Magical Creatures, Spells & Potions and Games & Sports), after which the first question appears.

Along with the question, three possible answers appear. Each answer corresponds with a button on the Playstation controller. Players have 10 seconds to press one of the buttons, and once pressed the answer cannot be changed. If a player doesn't select an answer within the time limit, their answer is considered false. 

Trivia Quiz in Progress 1

A game between two players in progress.

When the 10 seconds are up, the computer shows which answer was the correct one and awards 1 point to the players who had selected it. The player who was the first to press the button for the correct answer gets to choose the next category. If no one had selected the correct answer, the computer chooses the next category.

The game can end in two ways. The most common way is by a player reaching 10 points. If more than one player reaches 10 at the same time, they have to play a tie-breaker to determine the winner. What the tie-breaker is exactly is currently not known yet.

The second way is if all players but one disconnect from the game. The player left automatically wins.


While there is no guarantee of a reward, the winning player is sometimes rewarded with a random Pottermore Card.  There has been no report of rewards other than the Cards.

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