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Usernames in Pottermore are picked from a selection of five randomly created word and number combinations when signing up, and cannot be changed once chosen. This is designed to prevent inappropriate usernames, protect players' identities and keep up the theme of magic throughout the game.


Each username consists of two different Harry Potter themed words, and a number to make this name unique. Known words for each language are as follow:

English French German Italian Japanese Spanish
Accio Accio Accio Accio Kohaku Accio
Aconite Aconit Aconit Aconito Torikabuto Aconite
Ash Cendre Asche Cenere Kiri Ceniza
Asphodel Asphodèle Asphodelus Asfodelo Suisen Asfódelo
Auror Auror Auror Auror Auror
Balance équilibrer Balancieren Saldo Saldo
Bat Chauve-souris Fledermaus Pipistrello Koumori Murciélago
Battle Bataille Schlacht Battaglia Batalla
Blade Blade Blade Blade Blade
Blood Sang Blut Sangue Kouketsu Sangre
Bludger Cognard Klatscher Bolide Bludger
Bronze Bronze Bronze Bronzo Bronce
Castle Château Burg Castello Oshiro Castillo
Cat Chat Katze Gatto Neko Gato
Cauldron Chaudron großer Kessel Calderone Caldero
Centaur Centaure Zentaur Centauro Kentaurosu Centaúro
Charm Charm Charm Charm Mamori Charm
Chaser Poursuiveur Verfolger Cacciatore Cazador
Chestnut Châtaigne Kastanie Castagno Omamori Castaño
Cloak Cape Mantel Mantello Manto Capa
Crimson Pourpre Purpur Cremisi Shinku Carmesí
Dawn Dawn Dawn Dawn Ame Dawn
Draconis Draconis Draconis Draconis Draconis
Dragon Dragon Drachen Drago Ryu Dragón
Dream Dream Dream Dream Yume Dream
Dust Dust Dust Dust Dust Dust
Echo écho Echo Eco Eco
Elm Orme Ulme Olmo Nire Olmo
Erised Riséd Nerhegeb Brame Oesed
Eye Œil Auge Occhio Ojo
Fang Fang Fang Fang Fang Fang
Feather Plume [1] Feder Piuma Pluma
Felicis Felicis Felicis Felicis Felicis
Firebolt Firebolt Feuerblitz Firebolt Saeta de Fuego
Flame Flamme Flamme Fiamma Kaen Llama
Flight Vol Flug Volo Gensou Vuelo
Floo Floo Floo Volante Flu
Frog Grenouille Frosch Rana Kaeru Rana
Galleon Gallion Galeone Galeone Orochi Galeón
Ghost Fantôme Gespenst Fantasma Yurei Fantasma
Glow Glow Glow Glow Hibana Glow
Goblet Coupe Becher Calice Copa
Gold Or Gold Oro Kin Oro
Hallow Reliques Heiligen Reliques Reliquia
Hawthorn Aubépine Hagedorn Biancospino Espino
Hazel Noisetier Hasel Nocciolo Avellano
Heart Cœur Herz Cuore Heart Corazón
Hex Hex Hex Hex Hex
Holly Houx Stechpalme Agrifoglio Acebo
Howl Howl Howl Howl Howl
Ice Glace Eis Ghiaccio Koori Hielo
Jinx   Verhexen Iettatore Konton Gafe
Key Clé Schlussel Chiave Kagi Llave
Knight Chevalier Ritter Cavaliere Caballero
Leviosa Leviosa Leviosa Leviosa Leviosa
Light Lumière Licht Luce Light Luz
Lumos       Hikari Lumos
Magic Magique Magie Magia Mahou Magia
Mahogany Acajou Mahagoni Mogano Caoba
Marauder Maraudeur Marodeur Marauder Shinobi Merodeador
Midnight Minuit Mitternacht Mezzanotte Mayonaka Medianoche
Mirror Miroir Spiegel Specchio Kagami Espejo
Mist Brouillard Nebel Nebbia Kiri Neibla
Moon Lune Mond Luna Tsuko Luna
Moonstone Moonstone Moonstone Moonstone Moonstone
Mugwump Manitou Mugwump Mugwump Mugwump
Nettle Ortie Nessel Ortica Irakusa Ortiga
Newt Triton Wassermolch Tritone Imori Tritón
Niffler Niffler Niffler Snaso Niffler
Night Night Night Night Yoru Night
Nimbus Nimbus Nimbus Nimbus Nimbu
Nox Nox     Nox
Oak Chêne Eiche Quercia Roble
Owl Chouette Eule Gufo Fukurou Lechuza
Patronus     Patronus Patronus
Phoenix Phénix Phonix Fenice Fushico Fénix
Pixie Lutin Kobold [2] Folletto Duendecillo
Potion Potion Trank Pozione Mahouyaku Poción
Prophecy Prophétie Prophezeiung Profezia Yogen Profecía
Pumpkin Citrouille Kürbis Zucca Kabocha Calabaza
Purple Violet Lila Porpora Púrpura
Quaffle Souafle Quaffel Pluffa Quaffle
Queen Reine Königin Regina Reine
Quest Quest Quest Quest Quest
Quill Quill Quill Quill Quill
Rain Rain Rain Rain Ame Rain
River River River River River
Rook Tour Turm Torre Karasu Torre
Rose Rose Rose Rose Rosa
Rune Rune Rune Runa Runa
Sand Sand Sand Sand Sand
Scale échelle Maßstab Scala Uroko Escama
Scarlet écarlate Scharlach Scarlatto Kurenai Escarlata
Seeker Attrapeur Sucher Cercatore Buscador
Seer Voyant Seher Veggente Vidente
Shadow Ombre Schatten Ombra Kage Sombra
Shield Bouclier Schild Scudo Escudo
Sickle [3] Faucille Sichel Falce Hoz
Silver Argent Silber Argento Gin Plata
Sky Ciel Himmel Cielo Sora Cielo
Skull Skull Skull Skull Dokuro Skull
Snidget Vivet Snidget Snidget Snidget
Snitch Vif Schnatz Boccino Snitch
Sparks Étincelles Funken Scintille Hibana Chispas
Spell Spell Zauber Incantesimo Jumon Encantamiento
Spirit Esprit Geist [4] Spirito Seirei Espíritu
Star Étoile Stern Stella Hoshi Estrella
Stone Pierre Stein Pietra Jinroh Piedra
Storm Tempête Sturm Tempesta Storm Tormenta
Strike Grève Schlagen Sciopera Strike Huelga
Sun Sun Sun Sun Taiyou Sun
Sword Épée Schwert Spada Tsurugi Espada
Thestral Sombrals   Thestral Thestral
Thorn Thorn Thorn Thorn Thorn
Unicorn Licorne Einhorn Unicorno Unicornio
Vine Vigne Rebe Vite Vid
Walnut Noix Nussbaum Noce Nuez
Watch Watch Watch Watch Watch
Wave Vague Wella Onda Nami Ola
Wild Wild Wild Wild Wild
Willow Saule Weide Platano Yanagi Sauce
Wing Aile Flugel Ala Tsubasa Ala
Witch Sorcière Hexe Strega Nami Mágico
Wizard Sorcier Assistenten Mago Hechicero
Wolf Loup Wolf Loup Ookami Lobo
Wolfsbane       Torikabuto  
Wombat EMEU Wombat Vombato Vombato
Wormwood Armoise Wermut Assenzio Yomogi Ajenjo
Yew If Eibe Tasso Tejo


The number at the end of your Pottermore username is a completely random number. It serves to make the username unique, but does not, contrary to popular belief, show how many users have that same specific word combination. Beta testers often have lower numbers in their usernames.


  • As you cannot change your username once selected, it is worth choosing it with care.
  • Look through the above table for words that you like, but don't be disappointed if you don't get both in the first set of five choices.
  • If you don't like a word, consider using the same word from another language, by selecting "Change language" at the top of the screen.
  • If there's still not a username you're happy with, restart your browser and start again to get another selection of five names.


  1. Plume is also the French translation for Quill, though the username Quill leaves the word untranslated.
  2. Wichtel is the German translation of Pixie, while Kobolds are Goblins.
  3. Despite the name in English being that of the wizarding coin, the translations indicate that sickle refers to the tool of the same name.
  4. The German "Geist" is equivalent to "Ghost" in English.

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