Winky is a house-elf. She has a very high, quivering squeak of a voice, and wears a tea-towel draped like a toga. She is a very traditional house-elf, and believes being set free is a huge dishonour.

From the Story

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Discovered in chapter 8, The Quidditch World Cup

Winky is sitting in the second from last seat at the end of the front row in the Top Box in the Quidditch Stadium. She is curious when Harry Potter mistakes her for Dobby, and tells him that she knows the elf, and introduces herself to him.

Winky tells Harry that freedom is going to Dobby's head, and is horrified that Dobby been asking to be paid since he was set free from the Malfoy family. She hides her face behind her hands, and tells Harry that it is unbecoming of a house-elf to ask to be paid. Winky says that house-elves aren't supposed to have fun, and that they should do what they are told. She tells Harry that although she is afraid of heights, when her master told her to go to the Top Box to save him a seat, she obeyed, because she is a good house-elf and does as she is told.

Discovered in chapter 9, The Dark Mark

Winky passes Harry, Ron and Hermione in the woods as she tries to escape the chaos at the campsite. She moves in a very peculiar fashion, apparently with great difficulty, as though someone invisible is trying to hold her back. Harry suggests that she is unable to run away as she didn't ask permission from her master.

Winky is found in the woods, in the spot where Harry, Ron and Hermione heard the Dark Mark being conjured. She is unconscious when she is found, having been hit by one of the Stunning Charms cast by the Ministry wizards. When she is woken by Amos Diggory, Winky stirs feebly, and raises herself into a sitting position. She lifts her eyes slowly, seeing Amos's face, and then looks at the Dark Mark in the sky, before bursting into tears.

Winky denies strongly that she conjured the Dark Mark, and says that she wouldn't know how to. Although she is found with Harry's wand by her side, she tells the assembled wizards that she only picked the wand up, and didn't perform magic with it. She says that she found the wand in the woods, by the bushes where she was found, and that she didn't see anyone else in the area. Winky begs Mr Crouch not to free her, and is horrified at the thought of being presented clothes. She cries so hard that her sobs echo around the clearing, and she clutches at her tea-towel as Mr Crouch tells her that he has no use for a House-Elf who disobeys him, and who has no regard for her master's reputation.

Discovered in chapter 21, The House-Elf Liberation Front

Winky was given a job at Hogwarts by Professor Dumbledore at the same time as Dobby. When Harry, Ron and Hermione enter the kitchens, Winky is sitting on a stool by the fire. She is wearing a near little skirt and blouse with a matching blue hat, but doesn't appear to be taking care of them at all: there are soup stains all down her blouse and a burn in her skirt.

Winky bursts into tears when Harry greets her. She howls even harder when Dobby mentions how hard it is for a house-elf to find work after being dismissed. She is distraught about being freed by Mr Crouch; she flings herself off her stool and lies on the stone floor, beating her fists upon it and screaming with misery. She stops crying briefly when Hermione asks her how much Professor Dumbledore is paying her; she glares at Hermione, suddenly furious, and tells her that although she is disgraced, she has not sunk so low as to accept pay. She is very ashamed of being freed, and refuses to hear a bad word about Mr Crouch, insisting that he was quite right to sack her.

Winky is troubled by the thought of how Mr Crouch is coping without her, and insists that he needs her. She has looked after the Crouch family all her life, as did her mother and grandmother before her. Winky tells Harry, Ron and Hermione that Ludo Bagman is a very bad wizard; she was told some things about the wizard by Mr Crouch, but refuses to divulge her old master's secrets.

Discovered in chapter 28, The Madness of Mr Crouch

When Harry, Ron and Hermione arrive in the Hogwarts kitchens, Winky is sitting on the same stool near the fireplace as before. She has allowed herself to become so filthy she is not immediately distinguishable from the smoke-blackened brick behind her. Her clothes are ragged and unwashed, and she is clutching a bottle of Butterbeer and swaying on the stool, staring into the fire. She gives an enormous hiccough as they watch her, the six daily bottles of Butterbeer she has been drinking affecting her very strongly. According to Dobby, Winky is still pining for her home with Mr Crouch, and cannot be persuaded that Professor Dumbledore is her master now.

Winky is worried when Harry mentions that Mr Crouch has stopped attending the Triwizard Tournament tasks. She is insistent that Crouch cannot cope without her, and tells Harry that Crouch trusted Winky with his most important secret. She refuses to tell Harry what the secret is, as she remains loyal to her old master. In the middle of her tirade, Winky falls asleep, and slides off her stool onto the hearth, snoring loudly.

Discovered in chapter 35, Veritaserum

Winky is fetched from the kitchens by Professor Snape, and is brought to Professor Moody's office. She is horrified when she sees Barty Crouch Junior in the office, initially believing that he has been killed by the teachers. Winky begs Crouch throughout Dumbledore's questioning to stop talking, afraid that he is getting Mr Crouch into trouble.

Barty Crouch Junior reveals that Winky was his keeper and carer after his father smuggled him out of Azkaban. She pitied her young master, and persuaded Mr Crouch to allow his son occasional treats, as rewards for his good behaviour. Winky was the one who persuaded Mr Crouch to allow his son to attend the Quidditch World Cup, knowing how much he loved Quidditch. Mr Crouch led Winky to the Top Box with Crouch Junior; she pretended to be saving a seat for her master, in reality allowing Crouch Junior to sit there, concealed by an Invisibility Cloak. Winky did not know that her young master was growing stronger, able to fight the Imperius Curse he was under. Due to her fear of heights, she spent much of the match with her face hidden, and did not notice when he stole Harry's wand.

When Winky noticed how angry her young master was with the Death Eaters in the campsite, she was afraid, and used her own brand of magic to bind them together. She pulled Barty Crouch Junior from their tent and led him to the forest, away from the Death Eaters. When Winky and Barty Crouch Junior were hit with a Stunning Spell shot by the Ministry wizards, the bond between them was broken. Winky was dismissed by Mr Crouch for allowing his son to acquire a wand, and for almost letting him escape from his father.

Winky sobs as Barty Crouch Junior finishes telling his story in Moody's office, upset as he admits to assisting Lord Voldemort's return.

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